Celebrate our local Apples and Pears!

Today is a perfect summer day, and with fruit growing on the trees its time to think about celebrating the local Apple!

Sadly our plans to hold pruning classes and tree care had to be cancelled this year, but fingers crossed for next spring!

We have had a pretty strange season so far, an early warm start to the year followed by cold spells and then far too much rain. Some of our trees have really not enjoyed the weather, but some look like giving us a bumper crop
So what do you do with your apples and pears when the freezer is full of apple pies and apple sauce? Well, come to an Eastington Apple day with your extra fruit, and we can show you how we press and pasteurise the juice to enjoy pure apple juice all year long

To celebrate our local apples Eastington Community Orchard Group will be at ‘The Old Badger’ on October 2nd from 11am to demonstrate the art of pressing; and we invite you to join in the fun. There will be fun for the kids, and delicious food from the Badger, and of course apple juice and cider!

Bring your spare apples and a bottle, and you can take home your own juice. We hope to add another date at the Community Centre when they start taking bookings again, so watch here and on the Love Eastington page!

Of course our orchards are not just for the Apple day, but provide a calm and serene place for all to enjoy. Eastington is so lucky to have this resource, but it does need some support and care

The ECO group maintains our community orchards to make sure that your picnics are safe and clean, so if you have an hour to spare, get in contact via the web or email Wendy at wendyfabbro@hotmail.co.uk and we will welcome your help. We will also be pressing some apples ahead of the apple day, so watch this space and  Eastington Community Orchards and the Love Eastington pages on facebook  to see when and where you could join in. Leave us a message and we will get back to you.