Apple Days

The 8th Parish Apple Day – Saturday 20th October  2018


The day started off rather cloudy and misty – and a little chilly – but the sun came out in the end.  A great time was had, with plenty  people joining in – including some of the younger and some of the less young members of our community! Over 200 bottles of juice were produced – plus all the extra fresh juice that people dank or took home.  A great achievement- well done everyone.

See all the photos on the gallery page  (thank you Julian).

Extra Fun with Apples
This year we had  a new feature with apple-related games, organised by Emma from Raffles Forest School,  especially for the children.  This included the ever-popular apple bobbing and apple printing (who needs potatoes!)


Sadly,  Apple Day 2017 was not a roaring success from a public event point of view.  Storm ‘Brian’ threatened to blow us all away and make our normal  outdoor set-up with gazebos and awnings rather too dangerous.
However, you cannot stop apples from growing and you cannot stop dedicated volunteers from collecting them!  We were able to borrow the William Morris Kitchens (Thank you SO MUCH John Nissler and the crew) and a small number of us processed all the fruit that people had gathered.
This, together with the pressing days that we had held earlier on in September meant that we still had plenty of juice – both to drink and share, and to sell at the various local Christmas Fayres etc.
Better luck next year!

Over 60 people turned out for our 6th Parish Apple Day, with most of you joining in at some point, thank you everyone.
You all contributed to make over 200 bottles of pasteurised juice which will be for sale at local Xmas Fairs to help pay for new trees at Brownings Community Orchard.
On top of that, 150 litres of fresh juice was either sold or given away to all our helpers and of course our generous donors. Not to mention another 150 litres which will emerge as cider sometime in Spring 2017.
If you came along for the first time  and would like to know more about Community Orchards (ECO), register on our contacts page!
– and see all the photos on the Gallery pages

A couple of highlights from previous apple days-

ECOjuicers The Movie (2013)


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