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Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2021

Happy new year ECO! January is usually the month in which we hold the AGM, but obviously we cant meet at the moment! I am not sure that a zoom meeting would be able to include everyone; either because some people dont like this medium or because I have found zoom a bit unstable if more than 10 try to join.So, with apologies, I am posting to let you know that we are deferring the AGM until things ease. We can reconsider as soon as we should be pruning! stay safeECO ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020

Christmas packs on pre sale for Members.. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020

Posted on Tue Sep 15th, 2020

Just ordered my first bare root fruit trees; plums, Victoria and old green gage. Apples laxtons fortune and red Falstaff.Any tips for when they come are welcome and needed lol ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020

Its apple harvest time and it could be a bumper crop! If you have spare apples and would like some juice back in return, let us know or bring to Coneygree Orchard on Saturday morning.cheers! ... See MoreSee Less

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020

Eastington Community Orchards (ECO) is an unregistered charity run by and for the people of Eastington in Gloucestershire, UK. See our website at eco.eastington.websiteThe main aims of ECO are:- to create and maintain orchards within the parish, with the emphasis on old Gloucestershire varieties.- to create tranquil public spaces for all to enjoy- to make juice, cider, jams and preserves with fruit from ECO's orchards and, with permission, from the trees of local people.- to share produce amongst members, in proportion to their efforts provided.- occasionally to sell fruit and produce to provide an income for the charity.ECO also has an educational aim, enabling local people, especially children, to learn something of the traditional crafts and skills involved:- Growing and caring for fruit trees- Gathering the harvest- Producing pasteurised juices- Brewing cider and perry.Last but not least, ECO intends to provide recreational and social opportunities, while enhancing the local environment and the well-being of the people of Eastington.For more information or to get involved in a variety of ways with the ECO group, please visit our (where you can register)or contact:Chair: Wendy Fabbro, Coneygree Orchard Warden: Kevin Dalby, Orchard Warden 01453 827401.Brownings Orchard Warden Debbie Cunningham ... See MoreSee Less