Special Features in Coneygree Orchard

1.  The Gateways

This magnificent arched gateway was donated by Tim Potts, and is complemented by the lovely gates here and at the far end of the orchard made by Gary Dingle and his son and apprentice Tom.

2. All-weather Path

The final phase of re-surfacing the public permissive footpath in the Community Orchard has been completed.

On the left can be seen the last stretch of the sub-surface which has been consolidating since Easter (2015). The upper part of the photo shows the finished article. This will be capable of taking kiddies buggies and prams, invalid wheelchairs and even mobility scooters. Unlike the woodchip we first had, it will be functional in all weathers.

The whole project has consumed 12 tons of subsurface (Type One to be technical) and five tons of dust (3mm to dust).
The Parish Council paid for the subsurface (Coneygree is rented from the Council) and ECO provided all the labour, transport and paid for the dust.    Our thanks go to Cotswold Canal Trust for sourcing the dust and to Andrew Cozens for lending his 3 ton trailer.

Next time you are out for a walk towards the canal, say, use our footpath and enjoy the patches of wildflowers and the young fruit taking shape on the trees.

3. Kevin’s Mound

It would be great to turn the ‘earth works’ (The Mound) near the road side entrance into something with purpose and status.

For any who don’t know the history of The Mound, it started life as the removed turf, when the footpath was first dug.   A plan** was rapidly concocted to use this turf to make an communal seating area , the design being that of a compass; there are breaks in the outer circle that match and align with the cardinal points.

 **plan: “What shall we do with all this turf”. “Dunno’, chuck it over there”

Anyway, a  real ‘plan’ has now been drawn. This is an ‘artist impression’ of where we’re heading with the development of the mound.  The mini posts will carry seating.

4. The Bench

The Rotary sponsored bench, made by Tom Low  ( and shown here complete with Rotary President) .