Childrens’ Corner


A portion of the orchard has been reserved for school activities. This will be in the south-east quarter i.e. right of the pedestrian gate to about level with the Telegraph pole.

A grant of 450 hedging plants was  secured from the Woodland Trust to mark out the school plot, including the southern boundary with the Burial Ground. The children planted out the  area on this boundary , but sadly their attempts were thwarted  as the plants were very small and got eaten by our furry, pawed and/or hooved friends.  We hope that the youngsters have not been too discouraged by this little ‘life lesson’, and that there will be some better  news soon….

Feb 2018
….. as indeed there is.

Emma Levan of the Raffles Forest School has been running some sessions with Eastington Primary,  with the result that the school area is now getting some much needed TLC.  The groups are clearing the brambles and general overgrowth and are going to create a pond and associated wildlife habitat.

The children are doing almost all of the work themselves, but we understand that a digger will be employed to dig the basic pond (much to the children’s disapointment!!)

Excerpts from Raffles Forest School Facebook posts:-

  Eastington Primary’s last few Forest School sessions of 2017 were busy! We were sawing, exploring, toasting and eating. And of course drinking hot chocolate! ☕
Thank you to all the children for helping clear more of the community pond area. 2018 will be the year we dig and create a wonderful wildlife habitat for all of Eastington to enjoy. Hurrah! 😊💚🌳

Feb 19th 2018: Eastington children working very hard at the community orchard today! Fantastic effort everyone!