About Brownings

Our second Community Orchard:     Brownings Orchard   –   behind Brownings Close, near the King’s Head, Alkerton.

After some very protracted negotiations, with multiple owners and owners’ solicitors and spanning more than three years, ECO group have finally acquired a 30 year lease on the land behind Brownings Close, next to the Kings Head. (See History page for the full details!)

Our Thanks to:-

● The Parish Council,  for providing a £5,000 grant in 2013 to pay for the lease and solicitors fees.
● To Cottsway’s Wellcommunity Fund for a £1,000 grant, towards the cost of clearing the land and fencing.
● In November 2016, we were pleased to receive up to £5,000 from The Gloucestershire Environment Trust for the very considerable effort of controlling hedges, clearing brambles, levelling the land re-creating the orchard and providing mud-free access both to the existing public right of way and to the orchard.
● The Parish Council have also given £8,200 from the Solar Fund to buy equipment that can be used in both Coneygree and Brownings orchards (and indeed more orchards in the future). The main purchase has been a sit-on mower and a trailer for transport between orchards.
●  Alex Bomberg,  who has kindly made a donation of £300  in memory of his late Father,  Ron Bomberg.