Photos 2019

Our Christmas packs this year:

September – in Coneygree

A perfect day for the first pear-picking of the season. Some of the fruit was reluctant to come down so Kevin and John climbed into the tree to give the branches a good shake, with the the rest of us below dodging the falling pears. We filled seven baskets which will go for juicing next weekend.

June – help with the paths at Coneygree

A BIG thank you to Knights Brown – the contractors who are doing the work on the roundabout. They have offered to do free any small works required for community projects!

As you have probably seen, the Orchard Group have been working at laying new paths in the Coneygree orchard. Much of the path edges and larger stone has been laid, but the top ‘dust’ surface and compacting/finishing was still to do – a job that would have taken the volunteers many weekends to complete. Yesterday, a team of men from Knights Brown worked hard all day ( in the rain!) and did all of this finishing – paths now complete.

Once again, THANK YOU to the Knights Brown team!