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Funding   - See above ! !

                   But lots still going on here at the moment

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Churchend orchard  

See June’s page for progress on the ground

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We have won a grant from Glos County Council (Communities Access Grant).

This will go a long way to paying for the trees needed to complete Churchend Orchard. The money includes costs of tree-guards to keep off the deer, badgers and rabbits who tend to take a fancy to sweet young growth and indeed fruits too near the ground.

A measure of our success will be to see some tidy gates, a path and some seating for all villagers to use, hopefully by early next summer.

Look out for Workparties to prepare the ground for planting (through the summer) and for the first trees to be dug in during this late autumn.

Apple Days

One or more  Apple Days will be held in late October in conjunction with the school and the new youth Group - Click here see  our new Apple Day page.

We already have 50 people ‘signed up’ to donate/help/generally support - don’t be left out!