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Eastington Community Orchard Group

Welcome to the Eastington Community Orchard Group website.

We are in the process of setting up one or more  ‘community orchards’  in or around Eastington (Gloucestershire).

These are a bit like allotments with trees, but involving more of a team effort and including the potential for selling the produce.  They  also help to protect our green spaces and create places that the whole community can all enjoy.

We now have an enthusiastic band of active members AND our very first orchard  at Coneygree.

We hope to have more of both!

You will need to be a member to join in activities such as the Apple Days but membership is  free  to Eastington residents and you do not need to contribute any more time or effort than you want to.  

Produce will later be shared in proportion to effort input  but non-participating members are very welcome.

We currently have over 150 members including work party volunteers, apple day volunteers, apple donors and harvesters, juice, cider and perry makers  - and juice, cider and perry customers!

If you have not yet registered but think you might be interested, please visit the Contact page.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help and support that we have enjoyed from the following:

Du Pont Award to Andrew Niblett for  community projects -  500 dollars Gloucester County Council  for £1,500 to get Churchend Orchard off the ground The Co-op   for £500 towards creating the path through Churchend Orchard The Charlie Bullock Fund for a £1,000 loan towards Apple Day starting costs Stroud Valleys Project for 20 trees with support/protection Dairy Crest for 350 plastic  bottles for Apple Day Everyone who donated apples or pears for our Apple days             (and that’s over 60 people                     - from those with just one tree to those with full scale orchards!) Everyone  who has donated time, effort  or materials to this project -           which we hope will benefit the environment and all residents of Eastington. The Late Patrick French and William Morris College,                                                              for advice and use of  equipment and premises.. Frampton Country Fair, Local Charities fund, for £100 towards orchard upkeep. Stonehouse Rotary for sponsoring the oak bench

  Eastington Parish Council  for £500 from the Vibrant Village Award, also for

                                                      our  tenancy agreement at Churchend orchard and

                                                      general help and support.

                                                      Also for the materials for the burial ground fence

                                                      And £5000 grant towards a second orchard.

Thank You